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MD Anderson Cancer Center

Brain Scans
Doctor with Mammography

Our Stellar Team

Coordinating and Data Management Center Members


Co-Principal Investigators

Ying Yuan, PhD

Liang Li, PhD

Anirban Maitra, MBBS


Program Management and Research Quality Coordination

Sarah Graham, MPH, CCRP

Alex McCurdy, MPH

Lavinia Padmore

Jessica Cantu, MPH

Bria Taylor, MPS

Wendy Carroll


Statistical Support

Liang Li, PhD

Ying Yuan, PhD

Yisheng Li, PhD

Jun Xu, PhD

Yunlong Yang

Shuang Li

Soo Park


Database Development and Management

Calvin Harris, MS

Binu Lal, MS

James Mitchell

Tim Newell

Vadeerat Rinsurongkawong, PhD

Tony S. Vines


Data Management Services

Sasmita Mohanty, MHA, MS

Emily Lu, MS

Amy Liu, MS

Daniel Lara

Wade Allen

Rama Gundabhat, MS

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