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The Official Newsletter of the PROCEED Study

Updated: Feb 16

PROCEED is the first study on pancreatitis in the United States that carefully follows participants over many years to understand better the factors that may be responsible for causing pancreatitis and affecting how it grows. The study is being conducted at 9 clinical centers across the US. The study is enrolling participants who are at different stages of chronic pancreatitis, including those with no known pancreas disease (controls), and those with abdominal pain, one or more attacks of pancreatitis, or chronic pancreatitis. After enrollment, participants with abdominal pain and pancreatitis are asked to follow up every year to learn about their symptoms and any changes in the disease. PROCEED investigators plan to use the detailed information they collect to answer several questions, including cthe-proceed-study-newsletter-volume-2-september-2021-the-official-newsletter-of-the-proceed-studyauses of pancreatitis, which patients are at risk of the disease getting worse, what factors determine symptoms of pancreatitis, and how doctors can predict if and how individual pancreatitis pthe-proceed-study-newsletter-volume-2-september-2021-the-official-newsletter-of-the-proceed-studyatients’ disease may change over time.

PROCEED newsletters are available in the following archived document list. You can select each one of them to download a copy.

Download PDF • 547KB
Download PDF • 611KB
Download PDF • 612KB
Download PDF • 614KB
Download PDF • 546KB
Download PDF • 614KB
Download PDF • 548KB
Download PDF • 430KB


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